Deck Services

Home Improvements Omaha has a large list of things that we can do to help provide you with either a new or a rejuvenated outdoor living area.

  1. New Decks: Over the years this has really become one of our greatest assets as a company. The ability to take a design from paper and turn it into a deck that you truly are proud of.
  2. Custom Decks: While a lot of people already have a deck built, some people either don't like the current design or do not have one added to the house yet. Our design team can help you come up with a nice addition to your house with out breaking the bank.
  3. Deck Repair All too often it is just easier to repair what is already there. While many tend to think that the current deck they have is a complete loss and think they need to start from scratch, many times we are actually able to save a current deck and bring life back into it.
  4. Deck Staining: Staining a deck can really give your deck a nice look while helping seal the deck for a longer life span.
  5. Deck Painting: Sometimes a stain just doesn't look right or is not what you are really looking for. This is where our painting team comes into play. They can add a good durable paint to your deck, this will help seal it and provide a nice visual to it as well.
  6. Deck Cleaning: Need your deck cleaned? Good thing you found us. We have all the tools to give you deck a nice wash and bring back some of the luster it has been lacking.
Omaha Nebraska Deck Builder

It takes years of experience in the building trade to be able to provide remarkable quality, preserve effective production schedules, and stay practical so that service warranties have real long lasting worth. Decks Special, your Long Island deck home builder has the ability to do all 3-- leading to pleased consumers, a service that is around for the long-haul, and decks, decks or gazebos you will be proud to flaunt for several years to come.

When thinking about house enhancement, a well thought-out deck style for your Omaha Nebraska house is a sensible financial investment. Decks Special concentrates on high quality customized created decks, decks, gazebos, pergolas, wood awnings, and a range of other redesigning tasks.