Should you add a Pergola

A great way to add shade is with a pergola

pergola contractorA pergola is great for adding shade While still being able to have a full view of the great sky above. A good pergola can be a great added value to your current outdoor area. One of the nice things about pergolas is the added bonus of providing a great framework for plants that like to climb. By adding vines that bloom you get a great look with the added scent of the flowers in the air. Decks are great to add pergolas to it allows you to use the deck even in the scorching hot sun. Not to mention adding one to a deck can really add to the value of your home.

Choosing a location is essential in really making it blend in and add to the look of your yard. The biggest thing is if you are going to add a free standing structure is, is the new pergola going to be in a convenient area? One of the best uses is adding this to an already existing structure. Adding to a deck can really add to the usefulness of your existing deck. No longer is your deck something you use when it gets cool out. We can build a great looking pergola to fit on any deck and blend in with the existing look and feel. Even if you have a patio adding a pergola can greatly increase the ability to use this during the afternoon.

A couple of great plants that like to climb are:

  • Wisteria: This is a flowering vine that does wonderful in the sun and actually thrives. It is a hardy vine and in time actually gets to be more wood like.
  • Trumpet Vine: There are two kinds of trumpet vines. One is a Chinese trumpet creeper and then you have the standard trumpet vine. The better of the two to grow in Nebraska would be the standard trumpet vine as it is more durable.
  • Clematis: This is a very popular vine, there are dozens of different types to choose from and all of them thrive in our climate.

Ultimately the right design choice for you is going to be what you are looking to get out of your pergola. No matter what your choice is we can help you make this dream come true. Or if you want one but do not know what kind of pergola would be best give us a call. We can sit down and go through all the options together.

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